Referral Guidelines

Cape Cod Endodontics would like to ensure that each patient is scheduled in a manner that is most efficient for both the patient and the referring doctor. The information outlined below should help the referring practice to know what information should be provided to us so we can properly schedule your patient.

Referral Forms

Each patient should have a referral form, available for download here, which should either be mailed/e-mailed to our office or given to the patient to present to our office when they are appointed. This form is an important kind of communication between our offices and is critical from a medical/legal perspective as well.


Radiographs If you have a radiograph to accompany the referral form, send it to our office or give it to the patient.


Though you may think that a consultation appointment may be just one extra unnecessary appointment for your patient, there are several reasons why sometimes a consultation can be very helpful for your patient.

Single-visit Endodontic Treatments

It is appropriate and of benefit to your patient to have their endodontic treatment completed in a single visit when:

If your office feels the tooth meets the above criteria, it would be helpful for Cape Cod Endodontics to know before or at the time we schedule an appointment, since single-visit treatment on a tooth would likely require more time than just instrumentation.

Multiple visit treatment

Though surely most people would like to have their treatment completed as quickly as possible, we all also want to assure the best possible prognosis for the patient and their tooth. In some cases, it would be most prudent to treat the tooth in multiple visits. The criteria would include:

As your office does, Cape Cod Endodontics will try our best to provide your patient with the highest quality care in the most efficient and compassionate manner as possible. Your providing us with all the pertinent information prior to our seeing your patient will facilitate our mutual goal of improving your patient's oral health.

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