Patient Anxiety

Though endodontic treatment has evolved over the years into a mode of care that can save teeth with high predictability and little or no discomfort in the vast majority of cases, some patients can be quite anxious about the prospect of coming to our office for endodontic care. A patient may have had an unpleasant experience in the past or quite often their friends or family worry them with misinformation. At Cape Cod Endodontics, we manage this anxiety in a variety of ways:

A. PATIENCE AND EMPATHY: We will treat anxious patients as we do all patients- with understanding and compassion. We will answer all questions and patiently manage apprehension without rushing into treatment.

B. YOU WILL BE NUMB: We will provide complete local anesthesia. Local anesthetics (i.e. lidocaine and novocaine) have improved greatly over the years and patients should expect to be comfortable during their treatment.

C. NITROUS OXIDE SEDATION: For more apprehensive patients, nitrous oxide is a gas that, when inhaled through a nasal mask, relaxes patients to the point where they can have treatment in comfort and without anxiety.

D. CONSCIOUS SEDATION: For patients with a moderate-to-high degree of anxiety, conscious sedation provides a higher level of anxiety relief using just oral medication. Using this technique, patients who have not been to the dentist in years due to fear can have major dental work completed while totally relaxed.

At your consultation visit at Cape Cod Endodontics, please ask any questions you may have and please be open about any anxieties or concerns.

It is our goal and our duty to keep you informed and comfortable.


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